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About Me

I am a Mechatronics Engineering student in my first year at the University of Waterloo. I am a very social, high-energy, and hard working individual and I love to work as part of a team.

I am an extremely quick learner and I love taking on projects of any kind. From learning new instruments to building embedded systems as solutions to everyday problems I'm always happy to try new things and have fun doing it.



From building UltraSonic Room Mapping Modules to developing Android games, I am extremely passionate about bringing fun ideas to life.

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I enjoy many different hobbies outside of my work including a variety of musical instruments, graphic design, strategy games, and outdoorism.

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Here is a breakdown of my Ultrasonic Ranging Module project:

I have been interested in autonomous robots for quite some time however throughout highschool I had very limited access to sensing equipment. So I bought an Arduino starter kit off of eBay and began coding using that. My first project was to build a sensor for my blind classmate's cane to warn her before she ran into a wall. Using knowledge from that project, I mounted the ranging module onto a Servo and created a system that could scan a room and output a cartesian map of it to a computer a via serial bus (USB). I plan to add onto this project by utilizing Waterloo's Mechatronics Equipment Surplus and creating a robot which can scan a room, detect inconsistencies, and move to said inconsistency, and rescan to create a complete map of complicated rooms to be sent to computers via WiFi.

The picture on the left is an map created when three binders were placed around it to simulate a scaled-down room environment.


Another project I have done in the past was a 2500-line math API for C++:

This project, motivated by my intense dissatisfaction with the cmath library in C++, involved many mathematical objects such as fractions, complex numbers, integer sets, and combinatorics which can be used by coders in a very wide variety of programs. Upon picking this project back up, I plan on filling it in with more complicated essential mathematical operators and objects such as functions, subspaces, geometric transformation matricies, and dynamic data structures for use in simulations, optimization, and data manipulation.

Block Splitter Android Game:

This game was developed on the Processing 2 platform over the course of about 1 month. It has acheived some popularity among friends of mine but still needs much work before it can be put onto the Play Store

Mechanical Calligrapher:

The Mechanical Calligrapher was a group project taken on by myself and three of my classmates over the course of about 2 weeks in our 1A term in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. It essentially allowed the user to input their handwriting to any compatable device using a touch screen, then upload any text file to the device and it would physically write the text onto the paper using a chosen writing utensil. The project was intended to replicate the authentic look of handwritten letters and we exceeded our expectations in that regard for such a short project with so many resource constraints.

I will be adding more!


Posts in this section will include information on interests of mine such as playing the guitar, organizing social events, and volunteerism, along with my other hobbies such as football, basketball, survivalism, and embedded development.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Ghana:


This is my current resume with emphasis on my computer programming ability: